SectorStartup, MarTech, Consulting, Customer Experience
ChallengeThe organisation wanted to increase their LinkedIn presence to create greater client awareness.
My RoleEditor, Writer
Project Time2 weeks

Conception and Ideation

I was scanning through candidate resumes, eyes glazed over from skimming endless achievements and qualifications, when I was approached by my supervisor, Leanne. “I’ve got a new project for you,” she excitedly announced. She had been thinking of a way to combine my interests in marketing with my current role as a Talent intern, and #TalentThursdays was the answer.

This content marketing strategy aimed to establish Venntifact as a thought leader within the industry on LinkedIn, hoping to raise awareness of the startup, as well as attract potential clients to our consulting services.

Once I was briefed, I was excited to hit the ground running.

I researched what kind of topics LinkedIn users were interested in, as well as reflections on what I was passionate about.


I decided to write an article on inclusivity in the workforce, namely how it’s an oversaturated term within company cultures and is often confused with diversity. I felt that its true meaning had been lost in bandaid fixes of hiring quotas and fun work benefits.


Writing It Up

As an avid reader, I compiled a probably overwhelming amount of research (for the average person) to ensure that what I’d write was based on facts. Particularly with writing a thought leadership piece, it was important to guide the reader through this new concept – to not be too overbearing, condescending or elitist in tone or instruction.

I aimed to keep my writing conversational, almost like a blog post that would be accessible to all people. Through my research, I found such a treasure trove of articles that I decided to share in the #TalentThursday. This was a great strategy as after having their interests piqued after reading, they can go on to do further investigation through these recommended content.

In order to have an actionable takeaway, I also included tips on how to improve employee engagement, both for leaders and individuals in the workplace. Not only does this give readers a starting point for change, but also empowers them to believe that creating industry change is both possible and achievable.


Undertaking this project was a key testament to how much I love learning – throughout the planning process and I was exposed to so many new ideas, opinions and strategies that became food for thought in my future undertakings.

I definitely wanted to work more on the visual aspect of the article, but was restricted by time. I had run a few meetings with our designer to brief her on the type of graphics and banner that I wanted, however these never eventuated because of her busy workload, and a lack of communication.

From this, I know the importance of working as a team in order to produce the best content, especially in the editing process.

You can have a read of my article here!

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